Hi Papa Movie: Cast, Crew, Budget, Worldwide Collection, and Review

 Hi Papa: Cast, Crew, Budget, Worldwide Collection, and Review: Natural star Nani and Mrunal Thakur starrer new Telugu language drama-romance "Hi Papa," recently released in Indian cinema. Below is a detailed overview of the movie, including the cast, crew, budget, worldwide collection, and reviews.

Hi Papa Movie: Cast, Crew, Budget, Worldwide Collection, and Review

Hi Papa Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Details

NameHi Papa
Director Shouryuv
ProducersMohan Cherukuri 
 Murthy K. S.
 Dr. Vijender Reddy Teegala

CinematographySanu Varghese
EditorPraveen Anthony
Lead ActorsNani
Mrunal Thakur
Production CompanyVyra Entertainments
Release Date7 December 2023
Runtime2hr 35minute
Budget50 crore
Collection 70.5 crore (Estimated)
Movie Cast and Roles
Mrunal ThakurYashna
Shilpa TulaskarYashna and Neha's Mother
JayaramYashna and Neha's Mother
Kiara KhannaMahi, Viraj and Varsha's daughter
Priyadarshi PulikondaJustin, Viraj's friend
Angad BediDr. Aravind Bhatia, Yashna’s fiancĂ©
Drishty TalwarNeha, Varsha’s sister
Myra KhannaMahima
NassarDr. Ranjan
Neha SharmaCameo appearance as a model
Ritika Nayak Cameo appearance as Adult Mahi
Shruti HaasanCameo appearance as a model
Viraj AshwinDr. Ashok Bhatia, Aravind’s brother

About Movie 'Hi Papa' 

"Hi Papa" is a Telugu drama-romance film that explores the story of Viraj, a photographer from Mumbai, and his daughter Mahi, who is suffering from cystic fibrosis. Mahi's curiosity about her mother's identity leads to a surprising revelation involving Yashna. The movie beautifully portrays themes of love, sacrifice, and the unbreakable bonds within a family. As the story unfolds, it reaches an intense climax where Mahi's life is in danger. "Hi Papa" showcases the strength and unity of how families come together when faced with a difficult situation.

Hi Papa Movie Review 


"Hi Papa" is a tale in the genre of Telugu drama and romance. It follows the journey of Viraj, a photographer and single father living in Mumbai. The story revolves around the challenges Viraj faces as a parent, which become more complicated when his daughter Mahi's life is put at risk due to her condition. The introduction of Yashna, portrayed by Mrunal Thakur, brings a twist to this unfolding drama.

Performance Highlight

Nani gives a strong performance as Viraj, adding depth to the film. Mrunal Thakur's portrayal of Yashna is impressive and adds richness. The on-screen chemistry between the characters, including Kiara Khanna as Mahi, makes the movie even more impactful.

Audience Appeal

While the film may not appeal to a broad audience, it successfully connects with A center audiences, providing a heartwarming family drama that explores themes of love, sacrifice, and unbreakable family bonds. People praise the movie's cast and crew after watching it.

In Summary

Despite some predictability and minor lags, "Hi Papa" captures the essence of the father-daughter bond and the transformative power of relationships. The film's technical brilliance, with a stirring musical score and captivating cinematography, elevates the emotional journey.


Exceptional performances by Nani, Mrunal Thakur, and Kiara Khanna, along with a captivating ensemble cast, contribute to the film's beauty. Moments of emotional depth resonate profoundly, creating a lingering cinematic experience.

Not So Good

While engaging overall, certain parts of the love story may feel routine, and occasional uneven pacing might test patience. The second half introduces predictability, and some scenes may not align seamlessly with all viewers.


"Hi Papa" emerges as a poignant family drama, gracefully navigating love, sacrifice, and second chances. Despite narrative challenges, it stands as a testament to the cast and crew's collaborative efforts. Recommended for those seeking authentic storytelling and emotional depth in cinema. "Hi Papa" leaves a lasting impact on those who appreciate genuine narratives and heartfelt performances.

Hi Papa Movie Budget and Collection 


  • Estimated to be around 50 crores (including production, casting, marketing, and promotion costs).

Box Office Collection
  •  70.5 crore worldwide.

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